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Mishal Home Medical Company


Mishal Company was established to offer nursing care services, physical therapy and therapeutic massage; moreover, we offer medical care for patients at their home to ensure their feeling of safety and relaxation and having the medical care within family without the need to stay at the hospital. With Ministry of Health License No. 13/2006.

- We provide services round the clock under the supervision of specialized

   nurses, male and female physical therapists licensed by the Ministry of Health by means of using the latest medical equipments.

- Our new program at Mishal Company guarantees the quality of our services, in any way that you find the services we render unsatisfactory; we refund payments, under some conditions.

- In addition, we provide services equal to it costs and studies by a dedicated

 and specialized medical and administrative staff; in turn we seek to improve

  the quality of life of the patients and unite the family under one roof to

   contribute in cutting medical treatment costs.


     You are always welcome in our company and the administrative

            and medical staffs  exert their utmost effort to help you.


          Our company thanks you for your confidence in us and


               With our sincere wish for an immediate recovery

                   and maintain better quality of life.



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