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Brain Death....What Is The Medical Interpretation of It?

Brain Death....What Is The Medical Interpretation of It?

A clinically dead person is a frequent word that we often hear, and we are caring a lot to know whether the clinical death means heart death without brain, or brain death without heart, as some people claiming. But, here we should know deeply what is meant by a clinically dead person?, and what is the real interpretation of this word.

Regarding this different and important subject, DR / Mohamed El Meneisy (The Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases Consultant) at Qasr Al-Eini Hospital and the member of The Royal College of Physicians in London, said that a lot of people hear about what is called by the Clinical Death or Brain Death, and here there is a need for more medical checking and investigating before publishing this information to the people.

DR / Mohamed also indicated that clinical death or cerebral death is named medically as "Brain Death"; the completely stoppage of the human brain functions.

At the same time, DR / Mohammed added that in case of the completely stoppage of the human brain from doing its functions, although with the blood pulsing in the person's body, this case is called "Clinical Death"; in which the brain response is completely terminated and don't respond to any signal.  



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