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What Are The Causes of vitiligo & Its Latest Treatment Methods?

What Are The Causes of vitiligo & Its Latest Treatment Methods?

A reader may ask about the causes that may help in the appearance of vitiligo , and its latest treatment methods?

DR / Akmal Saad Hassan; dermatology and laser treatment consultant in The Faculty of Medicine – Cairo University, answered this questions by saying that the vitiligo is a disease caused by the skin-coloring disorders, and the appearance of the white patches in the infected part.

It usually happens due to the disorder of the immune system, and the formation of antibodies and cells to melanocytes, in a way causes the stoppage of producing the " Melanin", which creates the color of skin.

Akmal continued, saying that there are some other factors that cause the disease, such as:

-Thyroid disorders.

-Patients with diabetes.

-Adrenal / Suprarenal Gland Disorders.

-Exposure to a severe psychological pressure or crisis.

-The hereditary factor plays an important role in the infection, as well.

Speaking about the type of the disease, Akmal says that there are many types and each one of it has its unique characteristics like:

-Infection in fingers and around the mouth, and it is considered the most difficult and serious type, because of the absence of follicles and the melanocytes in it, and the less number of infected areas, the more chances of recovery and vice versa.

-Another special type that is known as "Logical vitiligo", which infected a specific area linked to the connector nerve of it. 

As for the medication, it is recommended to use the topical creams that can modify the immunology, in addition to giving the body the required "Ultra Violet", and there are also some oral drugs which can increase the light sensitivity.  

He also mentioned that there is a recent treatment for activating the cells using a different of laser beams  including:

-Excimer laser.

-Light Pulse Laser.

These used ways of treatment which are featured by "Melnocytes and Follicles Transplantation" often give good results

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