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For Pregnant Women : Beware of Cinnamon and Ginger As They May Cause Abortion.

For Pregnant Women : Beware of Cinnamon and Ginger As They May Cause Abortion.

Some of the pregnant women may use the medical herbals as a mean of treatment, thinking that they are safe and being used frequently instead of the drugs.

DR / Khalid Meselhy Professor of drugs and medicinal plants, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Egypt's international says that we are warning the pregnant women from some the of the most dangerous herbals on the health of the pregnant and the stability of the pregnancy. The dangerous of this herbals lies in its ability to core many symptoms that may disturb the pregnancy, but at same time it damages the pregnancy in a complete way and causing the abortion.

The first kind of this herbals is the cinnamon, which is an aromatic plant helps in improving the blood circulation, and transferring the blood to the limbs, but it contains some of the active substances which may cause the increasing uterine contractions and abortion. The hazard of cinnamon not only in its drinking, but it also found in the baked and sweets with large amounts, that may cause the abortion.

The second kind of this herbals is the Ginger, that helps in relieving the symptoms of vomiting tendency, but at the same time it also increases the uterine contractions and resulting in abortion and bleeding.

The Senna leaves and rhubarb come in the third rank. This herbals is well-known for the perfumes' traders and are used in some of the pharmaceutical products as a laxative for the sever constipation, but both of it are very dangerous for the pregnant , specially the overdoses that may cause bleeding and increasing of the  uterine contractions that may resulted in abortion. The Senna leaves and rhubarb are also dangerous even after the delivery, because it is being secreted with large amounts in the mother's milk and reached to the baby causing contractions and acute diarrhea.

The other herbal which are found in most of the houses is the Turmeric, which is added with big amounts in some kinds of foods like rice and it is also added to the meat's spices and used by the restaurants as a spice. Although the efficiency of the Turmeric in activating the functions of the liver, it increases the bleeding and cases contractions which may resulted in the abortion.

The other hazard on the pregnant mother is the usage of anonymous kinds of herbals, which are being advertised on most of the TVs screens, and the dangerous of this herbals and plants lies in its bad storage that may expose it to the invisible fungus, and this fungus secreted by its turn a toxic substances called " Aflatoxin". Further, a large amounts of this poisons reach to the fetus causing death or fetal abnormalities. This fungus can grow over some roasted and nuts like Almonds and hazelnuts and peanuts, if it is badly stored for long times and in a moisture place.

We recommend the pregnant not to take any herbal or adding any kind of herbals, only after consulting her treating physician, because herbals are a double edged weapon, and the bad usage of the herbals without the consultation of the specialists in the field of medical herbals may cause death for you or for your fetus.                         


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