Nursing Care Services

Nursing Care Services



Mishal Company provides a nurse to follow up the patient's medical condition and conducts personal care plan according on each patient's needs. He will also be responsible in providing and attending the patients medical needs.


Our treatment services for all patients include:


- Individualized nursing care for all patients at home round the clock.

- We provide 24 hours nursing care service, with morning and evening shifts.

- A specialized home care nursing service for elderly.

- A specialized home nursing care for bedridden and disabled patients.

- Specialized in patients with special need.

- A comprehensive care for diabetic patients with insulin injection.

- Dressing and disinfecting of post- operative wounds, bedsore, burns, diabetic

  foot and all types of wound and removal of sutures post operatively.

- Regular evaluation of patient's condition as the basis of nursing management.

- Maintain the integrity of the skin and provide preventive measures for

   decubitus ulcers and skin inflammation.

- Promotes comfort for pre and post operative patients.

- Bed Bath.

- IV insertion and urinary catheter insertion.

- Tube feeding.

- Prepare medications as prescribe by the physician.

- All types of injection with doctor's prescription.


The nursing staff will attend all your questions to help solve your problems in

addition to providing services for you and your family. Our staff will also help

you attain the functional health level as possible by caring and providing the

specific personal and medical services. 


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