Medical Massage (Rubdown) Services



Medical Massage (Rubdown) Services



Mishal Company provides the best female massage specialists to offer home medical massage (rubdown), as it helps activate the back blood circulation, remove muscle spasms and strengthen back musculature.

Medical Massage Services:

- Neck pain relieving massage.

- Twirling massage or circular pressure.

- Chest massage to relief coughing.

- Squeezing or rubbing massage.

- Head massage to relieve headache.

- Facial massage.

- Body part comprehensive massage.

- Psychological pressure relieving and relaxing massage.

- Finger's pressing massage.

- Feet pain relieving massage.

- Sport's rehabilitation massage.

- Blood circulation activating massage.

- Back pain relieving massage.

- Legs pain relieving massage.

- Upper shoulders massage.

There are various advantages of medical massage ( rubdown) such as:

- Extraction of frigidity and moistness.

- Relief of neck, shoulder, joint pains. .

- Helps in relieving many diseases such as insomia, tension back pains and


- Promotes mind clarity.

- Maintains skin smoothness.

- Relieves pressures.

- Increasing body flexibility.

- Promotes muscle relaxation.

- Promotes psychological relaxation. Comfort, activeness and positive thinking.

- Promotes blood circulation.

- Helps the endocrine and duct glands.

- Nourishes the origins of sensation in external tissues.

- Opening the pores and removing body poisons.

- Removes dead cells or any harmful substance that may hinder natural







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