Patients Rights


1.      Get the proper healthcare, that is available in the medical departments.

2.      Maintaining the personal respect and the dignity of the patient at all times.

3.      Making sure of the availability of the patients' safe place in their homes; for their safety. 

4.      Preservation of the patients' secrets and privacies, with considering the following:


·         Patient is entitled to refuse to meet or talk with anybody who isn't directly participated in the medical care presented to him / her.

·         Only the medical care specialists and the direct treating physician are entitled to review the medical file of the patients and the details of their medical condition. 

·         Patient shall have the right of being evaluated and investigated in the places selected for this purpose; out of sight and hearing of the others, (when possible).

·         Patient shall be transferred to another room, if he / she gets upset about the place or the visitors, in case of the approval of the family and the availability of another room.

·         Patient shall be isolated away from any sick / ill person; for preventive purposes.

·         Patient in addition to his / her family is entitled to know the name of the treating physician and the treatment methods.

·         Providing the suitable and proper means for the patient in order to enable him / her from getting in touch with his / her friends and relatives.

·         Providing translators for the Non-Arabic Speakers , to guarantee a better communication between the patient and the medical team.

·         Patient or his / her family are entitled to get a full explanation about the condition and the medical procedures of his / her treatment, and if knowing this information may affect the patient's health badly, it should be told only to his / her family.      

·         Patient or his / her family are entitled to refuse to receive any undesired medication, with clarifying the consequences of this by the treating physician, and when this refusal becomes an obstacle of presenting the proper medical care for him / her, the patient's relationship with the medical facility shall be terminated upon a notification that should be informed to the patient or his / her family.

·         And before discharging from the hospital, patient or his / her family should sign the treatment refusal form.

·         Patient is entitled to get the consultation from any specialist, about the nature of his disease in any other medical facility and at his own expense.

·         Patient and his / her family should be given the necessary instructions and guidelines to get the benefit from the treatment presented to him / her according to the healthcare and the preventive counseling, and he / she must comply with instructions of using the drugs and with regimen (if available).

·         If the patient or his / her guardian applied to the department of complaints / suggestions, this won't  have any negative effect in the patient's treatment or the healthcare presented to him / her by the company's staff.


With Our Sincere Supplications of Prompt Recovery and Permanent Health For All

Prepared By / Teamwork of The Nursing Board


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