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What Are The Causes of The Diabetic Coma?

What Are The Causes of The Diabetic Coma?  


Diabetic Coma is one of the most serious complications caused by the irregular diabetic disease. So, what are the causes of it and what are its complications???

The diabetes and endocrine consultant; DR / Mohamed Saad indicated that the diabetic coma is one of the complications that may threaten the patient's life, and patient may expose to it in case of the disorders of the blood sugar levels, whether the levels are increasing or decreasing. 

DR / Saad also said that the most dangerous aspect of the coma is that the patient in this condition becomes unable to move or even release any responses, and unable to express about his / her symptoms to the others, since he / she becomes silent for a period then lose the consciousness.

There are many symptoms that may appear in a patient before the coma and alarming its occurrence with the disorders of the blood sugar levels, including extreme fatigue and frequent urination, particularly at night, with felling pains in the stomach and inflammation of limbs, as well as excessive feeling of thirst.

The disorder of the blood sugar levels for a long period is considered the main reason of having a coma, it often happens to the patients  who take the "Insulin" or pursue the healthy diet irregularly, and the instability of practicing sports may be a reason for it.

Pregnant woman may also have a diabetic coma, if she got gestational diabetes during pregnancy, so she must be careful in following-up the treatment during the period of the pregnancy.


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