Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy Services


Mishal Company offers the best medical services to care for your health; it comprises of a group of highly skilled, qualified and scientifically experienced specialists who were selected carefully prior to recruitment and they are licensed by the Ministry of Health.

Our role in Physical Therapy is as the following:

To help those of simple and temporary; permanent and serious disabilities to use their latent energies in an attempt to overcome their disabilities which will enable them to reduce their dependency to others in performing their daily life activities; in addition to reducing and preventing any complications accompanying their illness as possible. We are responsible to respond and act to your queries in addition to the services we offer which help you attain your optimal health.

The therapeutic services we offer are as follows:

- Nervous Systems injuries, such as hemiplegia, paralysis agitans, Bell's palsy

  and Poliomyelitis.

- Muscular and osseous injuries.

- Back and neck pain and muscular spasms.

- Joints injuries and feet reconditioning.

- Functional restoration of injures body part.

- Muscular strengthening and maintenance of joint flexibility.

- Strengthening the remaining parts in case of amputation.

- Training the patient in the use of compensatory and assistive care.

- Rehabilitating the patient to depend on himself as possible according to his


- Maintaining joint and muscle flexibility to avoid spasticity.

- To maintain muscular function and strength to reinforce its durability.

- To help the patient adjust physically and psychologically to adapt with his


- Activating the epidermal sensation.

- Maintaining the body balance, control and body position while in motion.

- Training the patient to maintain blood circulation as well as heart and lungs


- Motivating the patient and encouraging him to be sociable.

- All patients suffer from osseous diseases whether inborn or resulting from


- Neonates and their complications during delivery.

- Sports injuries.

- Patients of congenital deformations and palsy.

- Patients of heart and respiratory system diseases.

- Pre and post- partum rehabilitation and cardiovascular endurance training for

  the pregnant.




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